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ADVANCED Oil Magic Series 7 [Virtual Book]


Confused about which oils to use and how?!

Meet ADVANCED Oil Magic - the best-selling oil reference book that provides simple, clear instructions to help you achieve your health and wellness goals!

The Magic is in the Protocols

Every instruction is clear – down to the timing of each drop. You’ll have answers to solve every health challenge and to pursue every health goal.

And it's stuffed with HUNDREDS of ailment, lifestyle, and emotional protocols.

ADVANCED Oil Magic Includes:

  • 600 quick reference Ailments & Conditions
  • Uses & oil hacks for Single Oils & Oil Blends
  • Hundreds of recipes, diffuser blends, & DIY’s
  • Lifestyle Protocols
  • 105 serious Ailment Protocols
  • Incredible Emotions & Energy usage
  • Gorgeous Essential Oil Science made useful & practical
  • QR Sharable Videos on your favorite essential oils
  • ALL NEW dōTERRA 2023 Oils
  • dōTERRA names INCLUDED! 

There's a reason it's everyone's instant new favorite.

Let's be real - learning essential oils is simple (you just put them on), but it's also SO COMPLICATED for many users (there's a gazillion possible solutions). Too many customers get overwhelmed, which makes them use their oils less! 😫

But with the thorough-yet-simple ADVANCED Oil Magic book focusing on protocols, using oils effectively and often becomes second nature.

That's why Essential Oil Experts report to us that using Oil Magic books with their tribe means more families using more drops of oil a lot more effectively!

Here are a few raving reviews from Oil Magic users!

"ADVANCED Oil Magic is one of my most used oil resources and is SO well laid out info-wise! It is easy for customers who are just starting out with oils and yet is so informative that I love it when I’m researching blends, oil characteristics... and it has all of dōTERRA's supplements as well!"



"If you love #essentialoils as much as I do you’ll want to add this book to your collection. It’s timeless...It gives you a quick reference to #ailments#conditions hundreds of #recipes all in one gorgeous from cover to cover book!! It’s absolutely a treasure!"



Advanced Oil Magic Takes the Guess Work Out of Using Oils so that you can enjoy less mess and more magic!

BEGIN by looking up your ailments and conditions. Try one or a few of the oils suggested. THEN get serious by following protocols, which give you the exact recipes you need to get big results with your oils.

Some of the extra magic in your book includes the most beautiful and useful EMOTIONAL USAGE guide ever created. You’ll also find yourself turning into an essential oil genius with the SCIENCE and research section, which makes essential oil science both practical and easy to understand.

Find all the answers. Know exactly what to do. Have fun. Live your essential oil MAGIC.

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