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Emotions Made Simple 1st Edition [Virtual Book]

The most comprehensive holistic emotional health guide!

Written for both beginning and experienced essential oil users alike, Emotions Made Simple combines natural solutions and lifestyle recommendations to address your most common emotional health concerns.

Emotions Made Simple provides simple, easy-to-share instructions for using essential oils and other natural solutions safely and effectively to impact emotional health positively.

Determine Severity & Treatment—Determine severity and base treatment on a unique synonym scale, allowing you to tailor your response, action plan, and oil usage to best meet where you are as an individual.

Protocols—Step-by-step instructions to address over 200 of the most common emotions using essential oils, journaling prompts, and activity recommendations.

Emotional Impact Knowledge—Learn about the physical impact that emotions have on the body, helping you pinpoint emotional difficulties and how to remedy them.


Written by two leading doctors within the holistic health industry, Emotions Made Simple acts as the most comprehensive holistic emotional health guide on the market as it does the following:

  • Helps you identify your emotion, whether it be positive or negative.
  • Guides you (based on emotional severity) to powerful essential oil use, journaling questions, and further resources to assist you in either sustaining positive emotions or harnessing difficult ones.
  • Provides extensive quick guide resources, allowing you to quickly find substitution oils, impacted body systems, and related information.
  • Supplies comprehensive yet accessible emotion wheels, lists, and tables to empower the user toward optimal emotional states.

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