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Fan-Favorite for Experienced Oil Users 

The Essential Life vBook

The Essential Life is the most comprehensive reference book for dōTERRA users. Dive into every oil and blend, body systems, lifestyle recipes, and more.

#1 Best-Seller for Beginners

ADVANCED Oil Magic vBook

Find simple, reliable answers to 600 ailments, get top uses for single oils and blends, and get targeted results with hundreds of proven protocols.

For Emotions-Focused Users 

Emotions Made Simple vBook

Take an intimate dive into the emotional benefits of essential oils with this fan-favorite. Find answers to improve any emotional state and develop new healthy emotional habits.

For the Essential Oil Collector

Exotic & Unusual Oil Magic vBook

Hyssop. Litsea. Davana. Yellow Mandarin. Osmanthus. Kintana... You're collecting the rarest oils from around the world, but what do you do with them? Exotic & Unusual Oil Magic gives you the usage, origin, protocols, and everything you love from Oil Magic Book for all of those rare specialty oils in your essential oil collection!

Every Virtual Book and Every Masterclass

Masterclasses, Virtual Books, & More

Explore masterclasses like Custom Blends & Rollers, Emotions & Energy, and more. The Wellness Nook library contains every essential oil resource you'll ever need.

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Our virtual books are NOT eBooks or PDFs! They're an innovative kind of interactive virtual book with multimedia, video injections, downloads, and a web browser format that lets you access them from any device anywhere in the world.



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